VFT's Fiber Reactor's are cross-functional tools, serving as essential components to both short-term and long-term strategies around developing a holistic product portfolio in the hemp industry. With advanced liquid-liquid extraction techniques, the Fiber Reactor offers several complementary pathways to enhancing existing distillation process flows, while also being able to provide distinctive product streams. 

Fiber Reactor Process Benefits in the Hemp Industry:

  • Degumming: Reduction of impurities that often foul distillation equipment (e.g. gums, waxes, carbohydrates)

  • Enrichment: Pre-treatment for chromatography or isolate preparations through refinement of conventional first pass distillation streams

  • True Full Spectrum Retention: Partition and preserve Cannabinoids in the acid forms (e.g. CBDA) from those that are in the neutral or decarboxylated forms (e.g. CBD). Reduced degradation of terpenes, terpenoids, flavonoids, and other parts of the full spectrum of cannabis plant materials.

Product Differentiator: Acid Cannabinoid Concentrate

The Fiber Reactor has the unique ability to produce an Acid Cannabinoid rich concentrate stream, while retaining neutral cannabinoids and terpenes in a secondary product stream to be used as feedstock for further separation processes. These acid structured cannabinoids (e.g. CBDA, CBCA, CBGA, etc.) are part of the true full spectrum of natural cannabinoids created by the plant. The Fiber Reactor partitions Acid Cannabinoid Concentrates that are unique, with uses in crystalline-resistant blends, custom formulations, and much more.


VFT Process: Acid Cannabinoid Concentrate

  • Pre-Treatment: De-gum, de-wax, and remove impurities from crude oils for distillation

  • Liquid-Liquid Extraction: Selectively partition Acid Cannabinoids from Neutral Cannabinoids

  • Acidification: Re-constitute Acid Cannabinoids into a safe, food-grade solvent while preserving neutral cannabinoids in a separate stream for secondary processing.


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