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VFT Fiber Reactors are the ideal choice for the removal of free fatty acids (FFAs), gums and waxes from distiller’s corn oil (DCO). The patented process improves upon traditional methods for oil degumming and FFA extraction. A single pass through a Fiber Reactor can reduce FFAs in the DCO from over 11% to 0.1%, making the processed DCO comparable to refined soybean oil. The processed oil is an ideal feedstock for producing biodiesel. Oil loss in the FFA extraction by Fiber Reactors is approximately half that of existing processes.

The extracted FFAs can be sold or reincorporated into distillers’ grains for increased fat content. The xanthin-based carotenoids in DCO preferentially extract with the FFAs, which increases the concentration from approximately 400 ppm to approximately 900 ppm. These carotenoids are valuable dietary supplements for animal feeds.