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VFT’s patented Fiber Reactor technology eliminates phase mixing during two-phase chemical reactions, which prevents emulsions and produces pure product without the need for downstream refining. The process is continuous and operates at low pressure and temperatures allowing for a reliable and safe operation at low cost. It has applications in a variety of fields, such as removal of impurities from oils (ie. free fatty acids, gums and waxes) or transesterification of triglycerides to fatty acid esters (FAME or FAEE).


Fiber Rector technology begins with an array of suspended fibers that are wetted with one phase that binds to the fibers. An immiscible, free phase is pumped into the spaces between the wetted fibers creating incredible amounts of surface area for reaction (60x the surface area of 100 micron droplets). The bound and free phases separate at the end of the fibers, generating unmixed product in one stream and co-products in the other, which significantly reduces further separation steps.

Benefits of Fiber Reactor technology:

  • Fiber Reactors are fully automated, resulting in lower operating costs and higher product quality and equipment reliability.

  • The elimination of stirred tanks means less energy input and fewer points of failure compared to traditional continuous stirred tank reactors.

  • Most reactions can achieve over 90% conversion in the span of minutes compared to hours using traditional methods.

  • The patented Fiber Reactor design delivers the most efficient extraction in the industry.