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Visionary Fiber Technologies, Inc. (VFT) commercializes its proprietary fiber reactor technology to enhance and improve production environments by increasing the efficiency of refining operations utilizing two-phase chemistry. Fiber reactor technology allows chemistry and separation of reaction products to proceed simultaneously with a fraction of energy consumption thus increasing throughput and reducing processing costs. VFT provides immediate value to its end-users by improving their bottom lines with attractive return on investment periods.



Fiber reactor technology refines, de-gums, removes metals, and processes a variety of vegetable oil feedstocks such as distillers corn oil (DCO).


The modern world faces challenges that require innovative solutions that push chemistry, engineering, and physics beyond historical limits. A critical design consideration is the environmental and social impact of every solution that is deployed.

Waste reduction, recycling, carbon intensity consideration, raw material selection, refinement, and efficiency are all subjects directly addressed by VFT's fiber reactor technology.


Fiber reactor technology refines, de-gums, and processes a variety of vegetable oils such as soybean oil (SBO), cottonseed oil (CSO), and palm oil (PO) for the downstream production of consumable food products.


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